Scheduled Dwelling

A commercial scheduled dwelling policy offers a flexible solution for owners
of multiple rental properties. It schedules all one to four family dwellings onto one policy, with one bill
and one renewal date. Properties can easily be added, removed, or have their occupancy
We manage the scheduled dwelling policy on a commercial form policy.  Like most commercial programs,
coverage is built up from a menu rather than bundled as a package.
Below is a list of available coverages:
  • Basic Form or Special Form Coverage Option
  • Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Option     
  • Dwelling and Additional Structures
  • Content Coverage (if necessary)
  • Water Damage Coverage
  • Vandalism and Malicious Mischief
  • Theft
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Premises Liability
  • Animal Liability
  • Several Deductible Options